Blog Writing (part 2)

5 steps to remember after writing your blog

If you have just read my blog about Blog Writing for Business, welcome back. If not check it out.

This blog details five important steps to remember after you have finished writing your blog.


1. Proof reading is a must

When you have finished writing your business blog, make sure you proof read it…twice! Then get someone you trust to proof read it too.

The last thing you want is spelling mistakes or grammatical errors published on-the-line to represent or mis-represent your business.

When the proof reading is complete your blog needs to be uploaded to your website.

When uploaded to your website there are a few other items to remember for SEO purposes. This includes;


2. Headings help

Use headings and sub-headings within your business blog. These attract attention, draw the eye and play a role in SEO for your website.

For an example of what I mean check out the heading of this blog “What to do when your business blog is written?” It is clear what the blog is about and is a question internet users might type into Google to search for.

Similarly, the sub-headings throughout this blog break up the text, allow readers to scan for relevant content and catch attention at the same time.


3. Images speak louder than words

The use of images is important. For example, photos, graphics or images involving a quote.

Images are useful for a number of reasons;

  • they catch the eye
  • if keywords are used in the name of the image it is useful in SEO
  • images can include relevant photos’ or written text that can be used elsewhere to direct people to your website

Clear Blue Writing - remember to  label your blog images


4. Links to other pages

It’s useful for SEO purposes to include links to other internal website pages in your business blog.

The links need to be relevant of course. For example, a link to a pertinent service page or a complimentary blog post.

If applicable you can include a link to external website pages. For example, Lumos Business Solutions is a client of mine – note the link to the business website. When relevant information or news is posted on this or another relevant website, I can create a link in a blog to that page.


5. Social Media links

Obviously, you want your audience to find your business blog.

Using social media posts to attract your target market is a fairly simple way to direct people to your website and create credibility and conversation.

There are way too many ways to do this and not enough space here to share – me thinks another blog topic has just been born!


There you have it, five steps to remember after you have finished writing your blog. If you have questions about any of these steps, please contact me. I’m happy to help.


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