Content is Queen at Clear Blue Writing. After writing a handful of blogs about SEO copywriting I thought it would be useful to include some SEO Copywriting Tips – taa daa!

When planning and writing content for your website keep the following in mind.

Avoid over-optimising your content

It is possible to over-optimise your website SEO.

It happens when the copy is heavily focused towards search engines and your target client experience is forgotten. There are a couple of ways this can happen.

Pages with too many key words or phrases don’t tend to read well, which means potential clients experience confusion, overwhelm and zero value. In cases like this, readers will more than likely try and find another site.

It’s important not to use too many key words but to focus on quality content.

Another way over-optimisation can happen is too many hyperlinks.

It might be tempting to include lots of hyperlinks on your website pages for perceived SEO benefits, or to give readers multiple options to obtain information.

This can and will backfire. Too many choices, causes overwhelm and it’s not going to help increase your ranking.

Avoid fluffy SEO copy

‘Fluffy’ SEO copy happens when someone has been told to come up with 500 words for the page to be ‘recognised by the search engines.’

This 500-word rule is not true. Ideally you only need 300 words.

Fluffy content just gets too long and boring for the reader. Instead use quality content that weaves in the SEO elements.

Use original content

Original content is your opportunity to provide value, connect with customers and improve search rankings.

Things to think about include;

  • Knowing your audience and writing for them.
  • Having a good content marketing strategy – it’s tempting to read a media headline and think, “I need to write a bunch of articles.” That’s half right and I can and will write them for you BUT the missing element is how those articles or blog posts, or case studies fit into your content marketing strategy?
  • How does your content compliment your other strategies?
  • e. whether it’s TV or radio ads,
  • Directory advertising
  • Newspaper or magazine display ads
  • Social media or Google ads

Your content strategy is a roadmap, so you know exactly;

  • what to write,
  • who you’re writing it for,
  • & how that writing fits in with the rest of your site & your marketing strategy

If you’re writing articles in an attempt to gain search rankings and build buzz, you’re not leveraging what you can leverage.

Good planning = better search rankings, better conversions and a better connection with your customers.

Creating a marketing strategy or campaign is outside of what I do. But it’s important to either create a plan yourself or sit down with someone who can lead you through the process. Clear Blue Writing regularly works with brand and marketing agencies so if you need a commendation, let me know.                   

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