There is lots of talk about SEO copywriting and content out there. SEO content includes words, images, videos, internal and external links on the different pages of your website.

From my perspective and the focus of Clear Blue Writing is words. We also create images and include relevant link suggestions in our content. But our area of expertise is words, of course. So, let’s take a look at exactly what is SEO Copywriting and why it’s important.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO Copywriting involves using specific key phrases and words on your website.

The content is written in a way that helps your website rank higher for the related keyword searches.

Content for your website starts with your business brand and creating SEO content that attracts your ideal client.

At Clear Blue Writing we have worked with dozens of businesses to effectively capture the business brand through quality content.

Why is SEO content important?

Fresh website content means your business website remains relevant and engaging for readers and ranks well in online search engines.

Having informative and interesting content is important for your website. Each page of your website is an opportunity to create a relationship, credibility and establish your business as an expert in your field.

The use of SEO copywriting on your website impacts where you appear in online searches.

That’s why it’s vital to combine quality, engaging content with SEO copywriting for the best search engine results.

To understand exactly what is meant by keywords for your business, check out SEO Content Keyword Activity.

SEO copywriting is important because it helps your business website and blog content rank higher in search results.

Why is SEO content valuable?

SEO copywriting is more than just adding key phrases into content.

It’s needs to be;

  • easy to read
  • informative
  • engaging

It may also be entertaining and inspiring.

If it ticks these boxes your content will create credibility and trust. It may establish you are a thought-leader in your industry. Plus you will start to see an upward trend of visitors finding and visiting your website.

Quality content is valuable

SEO content is valuable because search engines like Google want to see authoritative content that;

  • answers your readers’ questions and
  • stands out from competing content

Content needs to be high-quality and written in a way that makes it clear what the page is about.

For example, the words on each of your SERVICES pages,

  • clearly explain what the service entails,
  • what you provide as part of that service,
  • the value clients will receive etc.

Have a go at SEO Copywriting

You are the expert in what you do. Take the above information, complete the SEO Content Keyword Activity and jump in.

If you need assistance or someone to proof read your content, touch base.


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