Why is an up-to-date online profile important?

The number of online users is increasing exponentially. This means new clients can easily ‘look you up’ before meeting you.

It might be via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest. Your target client may prefer to search via LinkedIn. A younger client prefers Snapchat, Instagram or YouTube.

That’s where online profiles are valuable.

What they find or don’t find may impact whether or not they decide to do business with you. So, it’s worthwhile having an online profile presence.

A digital profile creates a credible, visual profile of you and or your business that directs potential clients to your website and ultimately your business. That’s why an up-to-date online profile is important.

 If you aren’t familiar with the digital space, the thought of creating an online profile can be overwhelming.

Then there are the concerns about the security of your details and privacy. However, don’t be put off. It’s not that hard and there are people that can help.


What is an online profile?

An online profile includes information found on your CV, but it’s not a carbon copy.

Your online profile needs to include your skills, experience and your interests.

It’s valuable to include details about why you do the what you do and a regularly updated blurb about you.


Have you Googled yourself?

It’s a useful exercise to search your name online. When I did this exercise, what appeared was my;

  1. LinkedIn profile
  2. About page on my website
  3. Fitness Australia profile
  4. Photos uploaded to Pexels
  5. Facebook profile
  6. Twitter account

When you do a search of your name, ask the following questions;

Does what you see represent you?

What does it say about you?

Is the information accurate?



Why is it important to have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn ranks really well online. When I Googled my name, the first result was my LinkedIn profile. Imagine if my profile information was inaccurate. That would not represent me, my business very well. It’s the same for you.


LinkedIn Profile Tips

  • Profile information – make sure your profile information is accurate, up-to-date and regularly updated. This platform is business focused and as such you need to be represented appropriately. Include your qualifications, experience, business or employment history, charity or volunteer involvement.
  • Profile image – selfies at the beach for your profile photo are not relevant here. These types of images are more relevant on your personal Facebook page or Instagram feed. A professional image that shows your entire face is the best on LinkedIn. Also, make sure your profile image is set to Public in your settings.
  • Spelling & grammar – if there are errors in your profile information this really looks bad. It can impact your credibility. Make sure you check and double check the spelling and grammar of any content you post inline.

RECOMMEDATION: Create your profile content in a document on your computer. That way you can easily check for mistakes. Most computers automatically check for spelling and grammar these days, so make use of it.


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