About Clear Blue Writing

At Clear Blue Writing our mission is to provide quality writing and editing services that engage, educate and inspire.

Our commitment is to capture and create the right words for the right platform that truly represents ​you and your business.

We specialise in providing;

  • website copy that succinctly captures your brand and targets your ideal audience,
  • efficient proof reading and editing of marketing material and business documents so you can move forward
  • quality writing services for online profiles, a belief document, business letters, annual report and more
  • creative social media content writing,  image creation and management
  • photo-journalism services for online and print magazines and publications

Clear Blue Writing provides certainty – you know your business and we know how to write about it.

We take away your worry about words.


Kim Kamarudin 

Hi, I’m Kim Kamarudin. Currenty, based in Perth, Western Australia I work with small and medium business owners and professionals to capture and create the right words for your business.

I am Copywriter, Freelance Photo-Journalist and Editor with more than 2 decades experience in the communications and content writing industry.

How I do what I do

My process or how I do what I do is by listening to you.

We each communicate through what we say and don’t say.  You know what you do. You talk about it every day.

Through a relaxed, easy conversation I listen and capture your passion, your commitment and your brand.

Based on your specific project brief, copywriting needs and budget we produce content that is engaging, optimised for SEO and creates a call to action.

“I love words and I’m passionate about working with businesses owners to capture and create the right words for the right platform. Clear Blue Writing is my way to contribute to and empower people with words.”


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