Sorting through notes on my phone I came across one about how to wash a motorbike.

Yes, I have my motorbike license. I used to own a black Honda VTR250, she was a beast.

I went through a rebellious, thrill-seeker stage in my thirties. It’s hard to believe I know!

I still have my motorbike helmet. Okay it’s gathering dust at the moment, but it’s pretty! It has a big PINK butterfly on it.

How to clean a motorbike

When we decided to sell ‘Harry Honda’ (above) I Googled how to clean her.

This is what I came up with. I can attest it works because Harry was sparkly and clean when we said goodbye – thus my sad face.

What you will need

Assemble the following items before you start to avoid spreading grease all over the place. You will need;

  • A bucket for soapy water
  • Soap or liquid detergent; automotive cleaners will work
  • Gloves (to keep your hands clean)
  • Bug and tar remover
  • Degreaser and/or engine cleaner
  • A toothbrush
  • WD40
  • A brush for wheel cleaning
  • Wheel cleaner
  • At least two microfiber or 100% cotton sponges
  • A variety of soft cotton towels and more abrasive rags
  • A chamois cloth for drying

Chain maintenance

For chain maintenance keep the following items on hand;

  • Various wrenches
  • A soft brush, or old toothbrush
  • An O-ring friendly chain cleaner (if, like most chains, yours is of an o-ring type)
  • O-ring friendly chain lubricant (again, if applicable)
  • A new cotter pin (when adjusting the chain tension)
  • Rags (for wiping grime off the chain)
  • A rubber mallet (optional)
  • A rear wheel stand (optional)
  • A tape measure (optional) I have no idea what the tape measure was for.

Looking back on these instructions now, some make sense and other do not.

If at least some of this makes sense and is useful for you – great!

Otherwise Google it like I did.