Blog Writing (part 3)

Welcome to the third instalment of gold about blog writing. Hopefully you have already read

Blog Writing for Business (part 1) and

What to do when your business blog is written (part 2).

In this blog the focus is on the simple truths and facts about the pros and cons of writing blog content for your business website.


Benefits of blogging

Benefits of having a business blog include;

  • The content provides evidence of your company or business’ level of expertise and creates confidence and trust in you and your brand.
  • Google loves fresh content. Googles’ search algorithm focus’ on website content and the frequency of posts and updates.
  • If a blog is well managed, regularly updated and provides info about relevant and even ‘trending’ topics it will increase a website’s SEO.
  • A business blog allows you to increase the number of inbound links that will direct visitors to the main parts of your website.
  • This, along with SEO, can increase traffic to your website and the time people spend looking at content on the site. Ideally this attracts new customers to engage with your business.


The downside of blog writing

The obvious downside of blog writing is TIME;

  • The time it takes to think of new and relevant topics
  • The time it takes to write regular engaging business blogs
  • The time it takes to upload and share the blog via social media or online advertising

Clear Blue Writing - the downside of blog writing is the time it takes you away from your business


The precious time it takes to do these things is time not spent on your business.

If you enjoy writing blogs for your business, great.

Take and use the above information – PLUS my tips from Blog Writing (part 1 & 2) – and go forth and blog to your hearts content.

If blog writing is not your thing or you simply don’t have the time or expertise to write and publish your business blogs, Clear Blue Writing can help.

We provide Blog Writing Packages for single blogs, monthly or bi-monthly blogs.  Plus, we are happy to work within a budget.

For more information or a quote on blog writing for your business contact us.


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