Are you interested in learning more about SEO content? Well, you are in the right place.

To gain an understanding about SEO content and the value of key words and phrases, take some time to complete this activity.

As mentioned in my What is SEO Copywriting? blog, SEO copywriting is the use of specific and relevant key phrases and words on your website.

Let’s drill down further so you get a realistic idea about exactly what I mean.

Keyword Activity

Take some time now to write down three services you provide. For example, for Clear Blue Writing;

  • website content
  • blog writing services
  • advertising material copywriting

Under each Service heading write down words and phrases;

  • that relate to that service,
  • that describe that service,
  • that your ideal client would search for online            

For example, for Clear Blue Writing;

Website content – copywriting, Bayswater copywriter; Perth copywriter; looking for a copywriter, quality copywriting, I need help with words for my website
Blog writing services – what is a blog? Who writes blogs? Blog writing for dummies; blog writing basics; where do I start when writing a blog? I need someone to write blogs for me; why is a blog important?
Advertising material copywriting – words for advertising; words for advertising a product; advertising flyer ideas; content writing for advertising; content for paid advertising.


What you have identified there are key words and phrases that are specific to your business and the services you provide.

Another way you can research keywords and key phrases is via Google. Check out some I prepared. SEO content keyword activity

SEO content keyword activity


















SEO copywriting is quality writing that smoothly weaves those key words and phrases into the content of your website.

If you need some assistance with relevant keywords for your business contact me.


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