There is no simple answer to the question, what impacts your website SEO ranking. Why? Because there are many factors that influence it and it keeps changing.

What I can tell you is about the content on your website and how to maximise your SEO ranking. If that interests you, keep reading.

When it comes to content it’s all about quality.

From a SEO content perspective there are a handful of components that impact your website SEO ranking.

Quality of your keywords

Think about the services your business provides. Drill down for the words your target clients use to find you.

Consider the commonly asked questions you hear from clients? Use these in your content or write a blog about it.

Do your research

Check out your competition. What keywords are they using? Don’t copy their keywords. Use your keyword research as inspiration for other words you can use as part of your website SEO.

Quality of your content

The quality of the words on your website is important. Does your business content make sense? Is it the content informative? What are you sharing about your business on your website that is educational?

Fresh content

The freshness of your content is fundamental when it comes to SEO.

When was the last time you updated your website?

If it was more than six months ago, your search engine ranking will have been impacted.

Some say three months. To avoid a mammoth overhaul, I recommend updating content in stages by taking action each month. This could involve updating content on each page of your website or reviewing and updating blogs and even deleting irrelevant content.

The best SEO is great content.

If you can create content that;

  • grabs your readers attention,
  • solves their problem and
  • answers their questions

you will start seeing results in your Google ranking.

For help with the SEO that happens at the backend of your website or if you need help with the strategy to attract and funnel potential clients to your website you need a brand strategist or website developer. Clear Blue Writing works with a handful of experts in this area so, please ask me.


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